From the time immemorial every girl has dreamt of her man, a knight swaddled in shining armour, who will take her for a fairy ride of lifetime. Its time you make her live that once-upon-a-time and let dreams shape to reality. Virasat’s Sheesh Mahal is the very place where dreams not just come true but to life. The Sheesh Mahal dining experience isn’t just about having exquisite cuisine in the most opulent and luxury-laden palatial turret, atop Virasat in gold platters, it’s about living, rather indulging in this unprecedented affair, which has been created to make you live, feel, be pampered and sway the supremacy of being the reigning King and queen. This regal experience connects to the very extravagant life that each one of us aspires to give to our loved ones. Virasat’s Sheesh Mahal earnestly tries to deliver in-the-cloud experience which is surreal and worth treasuring all your life.