Moments at Virasat SheeshMahal

Virasat SheeshMahal has always aspired to give its visitors a once in a lifetime experience from the dining and living style of kings and queens to the dance forms and handicrafts of Rajasthan.

Moments at Virasat SheeshMahalMoments at virasat sheeshmahal

Virasat SheeshMahal reprises each and every element of the traditional and world-famed Rajasthani hospitality and culture which make it best place to visit in jaipur. In its attempt to preserving the heritage of this royal state it offers its visitors some moments and memories they fondly take away and treasure for the rest of their lives. We bring you a low down of few such moments that remain etched in the lives of the esteemed guests. 

Selfie With Saafa

Selfy at Virasat SheeshMahal

Here’s the good news for all the selfie obsessed pouty queens/kings of social media! While Virasat treats you like a king/queen of royal era it truly understands the beauty and value of the moments spent here. And the best way to take the wonderful memories home is capturing candid photography the moments and preserving them forever in your albums forever. Virasat’s ‘Saafa Corner’ is the ideal place for such photo lovers where different styles of saafas are showcased and can be picked and put over the head to feel like the resident of royal state and get your instamoment freezed forever. Don’t forget to hashtag your #SelfieWithSaafa and cherish it before your followers.

Photo Corners at Virasat

Photo corners at Virasat Sheeshmahal jaipurPhoto corners at virasat Sheeshmahal
The feeling of being pampered like the King and Queen cannot be described in words. It can only be felt and expressed in visuals. Lean on the royal throne at Swarn Mahal and pose and poise just like the King/ Queen of Rajasthan while making sure your companions take a shot worth uploading on your social profiles. You can discover many more capturing corners once you are here and exploring the ambience. After all, it’s all about flaunting the legacy and experience.  

Flavour of Folk

Rajasthani Folk dance at Virasat Sheeshmahalrajasthani folk dance at virasat sheeshmahalrajasthani folk dance at virasat sheeshmahal
The heart of Rajasthan lies not just in the royal lifestyle and cuisine but also the folk dance and music. Virasat aspires to bring the world’s best artists to recreate the musical tradition of the royal state before you. The melodic renditions compel you to sing along with the crooners and the traditional beats will make you match your steps and shake a leg with the dancers. The fine tune of padharo mahare des will remain with you forever.
Traditional Welcome Rituals

Traditional welcome at virasat sheeshmahal jaipur
You are welcomed at the restaurant with the age old traditions of tilak anointing and garlanding that give you a feel of entering the premise of a palace where royal people will come down to greet you. Before settling down on the royals seats for the grand feast you are treated with the auspicious ceremony of herbal feet wash in the most authentic style. A serviceman dressed in royal attire gives you feet wash with herbal waster that has medicinal and therapeutic value while you are seated on the throne. This in an old Rajasthani tradition which is being reprised at Virasat when travellers were given a ritual feet wash by the hosts in order to make them relax and free from the dust and dirt.

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   Posted On : 01-07-2016

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