Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi Explores Swaad of Virasat

The Energy Chef of India

Harpal Singh at Virasat SheeshMahal

With the zeal and enthusiasm he has for life and cooking calling him the Energy Chef of India will not be an overstatement at all. He was at Virasat to cover the coveted taste of the restaurant on his show ‘Desh Ka Swaad’ which he hosts on Zee News. Harpal Singh Sokhi has been a popular name in the hotel and food industry for his exquisite cooking skills and witty hosting style. Fusion of Indian food with international cuisine is what made Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi a name to reckon with in the hotel industry.He has travelled across the world hopping about streets and making a fusion of them with the Indian cuisinespecially with Rajasthani Platter. A graduate from the catering school at Bhubaneshwar, Chef Harpal mastered the art of Indian food and and enhancing his knowledge.

Chef Harpal Singh enjoying folk dance at Virasat SheeshMahal

His quest for the real and authentic taste brought him to Virasat which is a place famed for its authenticity and impeccable service alike. “Being into food and hospitality industry I have a hunger to learn and discover new flavours. This is what brought me to Virasat. I have exchanged wonderful information as this place and enjoyed some finger licking good food,” said the chef. He also shot an upcoming episode at the restaurant that will be featured in ‘DeshKeSwaad’ one of the leading cookery shows of the country. “I am looking forward to the episode. It’s going to be a Rajasthani spread special. Virasat deserves to be talked about in the food industry and I am glad I have given that platform to this place.” You would like to read our latest post about City Palace Udaipur Attractions.

Chef Harpal Singh at Desh Da Swaad in Virasat SheeshMahal Jaipur

  What fascinated him about the place was not just the food but also the value additions like live music and folk dance, the renowned heritage restaurant brings along with the impeccable food service and taste. “The best part about Virasat is not just the taste, that obviously is out of the world but the presentation of food in precious metal thals, the royal and traditional dining concept which is being relished along with the age old ways of entertainment is what makes dining here an experience of a lifetime,” said the world renowned chef. For very this reason, many celebs visited Virasat Heritage Restaurant, recently IshqBaaz team visited VirasatSheeshMahal.

Virasat SheeshMahal is a famous place to visit in Jaipur where you get royal experience by live music, folk dance, Rajasthanithali,. Surprise your fiancé with a pre wedding photoshoot or enjoy the live music with your family.

   Posted On : 18-07-2016

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